An actual fox encounter after three days in the countryside inspired these five artists to make music together. Inspired by the world pandemic and other signs of uncertainty, the band's sound expresses its members' deepest hopes and fears regarding the future of our planet.


  • 26/09 - Robadors23 - Barcelona

28/09 - Museu de Mallorca (FiraB) - Palma

04/12 - Cicle de Jazz - CassĂ  de la Selva

OUR SingleS

Melting Ice Cubes

This summer our ice cubes are definitely melting!

Queen of Fire

Here it is, to our Queen of Fire!

Intense & powerful, yet beautiful and inspiring.

Vernau Mier - alto sax

Lucas Martinez - tenor sax

Diego Hervalejo - keyboards

Pere Bujosa - bass

Josep Cordobés - drums

Vol.1 Recorded Live @ Estudis Ground